Accommodation of passenger vessels during the period of summer navigation

The city of Vyborg is accessible to tourists not only by rail and road.

The location of Vyborg makes the town easily accessible for tourists arriving from Russian inland waterways and on cruise tours from the countries of the Baltics.

Its unique position provides great opportunities to explore the Saimaa Canal that connects the Vyborg Bay, Russia and Lake Saimaa, Finland.

Unparalleled in its northern beauty, the Saimaa Canal boasts 28 gates and has been an attraction for Russian and foreign tourists. The number of visitors can exceed 23 000 in the period of the summer navigation, from May to September.

The Finnish passenger ship Karelia runs a cruise from Lappeenranta to Vyborg. The ship has the following characteristics: capacity up to 200 pax, draft 2,3m, length 41m, breadth 8,5m, passport speed 14 knots, time underway 5,5 hours.

Quay No.1 in the port of Vyborg is designated for passenger vessels. The quay line is 111,7m long and the depth at the quay is 4,4m.

Today Vyborg is a place where centuries of history and modernity come together, making a visit to Vyborg a pleasant and comfortable experience with opportunities to learn more about the past.

Having left the ship, tourists step straight into the heart of the historic town and emerge next to the Vyborg castle.

At present, Port Logistics Ltd as operator and stevedore of the seaport of Vyborg, is working on the plan for a full-scale development of the port area. A wider range of passenger and tourist services at the Seaport together with development of the yacht marina in the town of Vyborg will help make a visit to the centuries-old town unforgettable.

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