About Us

Port Logistic Ltd. is a stevedoring company that is a sole operator of the Seaport of Vyborg. The company provides transshipment of various types of general cargo, dry and liquid bulk (mineral fertilizers, pellets, coal, ore, timber, scrap metal, aluminium hydroxide), chemical liquid bulk.

Seaport of Vyborg is a universal terminal.

It is located at the intersection of IX Intermodal Transport Corridor and Pan-European Transport Corridor that connect the North-West of Russia with the EU countries, the main highway in and out of the port is the Scandinavia Highway.

The Seaport of Vyborg has a permanent border entry point for passengers and cargo. Cargo arrives to the port onboard sea and river vessels, by trucks and by rail. The port accommodates passenger vessels during summer navigation.

The Seaport of Vyborg offers its full range of services 24/7 all year round.

Access railways:

  • total length of the port internal rail tracks – 6,3 km;
  • average freight cars turnover – 164 cars/day

The port is served by the Vyborg railway station of the Oktyabrskaya railroad, department for Finland.

The port has got the necessary equipment for handling the mentioned range of cargo:

  • 7 portal crane “Albatros” with lifting capacity of 10/20 tons on departure 32/16-8 m;
  • 1 portal crane “Kirovets” with lifting capacity: grappling mode – 16 tons, working mode with a hook – 20 tons; departure 30/8 m;
  • 1 portal cranes “Sokol” with lifting capacity of 16/20/32 tons on departure 32/25/16-8 m;
  • 1 mobile quay crane “Liebherr LHM-320” with lifting capacity of 52/104 tons on departure 43/17-10,5 m (with lifting capacity of 29,1 tons on departure 43 m).
  • 23 lifting trucks (Toyota, Kalmar, Liebherr, Doosan) with lifting capacity from 1,8 to 13 tons;
  • 1 tractor “Terberg” with lifting capacity of 35 tons;
  • 2 roll-trailer with lifting capacity of 80 tons;
  • 2 roll-trailer with lifting capacity of 40 tons;
  • 1 roll-trailer with lifting capacity of 20 tons;
  • 1 roll-trailer with lifting capacity of 40 tons for the transportation of roundwood.

For transshipment of heavy-weight and oversized cargo the port can engage a floating crane with 300 tons capacity.