Origins of passenger shipping in Vyborg

Origins of passenger shipping in Vyborg

In connection with the visit of Alexander Drozdenko, the Governor for the region of Leningrad, to the Seaport of Vyborg and the announcement of plans regarding passenger shipping development by Port Logistic LLC, we would like to remind of the origin of the passenger shipping in the region.

Because of the geographical position of Vyborg and the nearby settlements, passenger shipping was almost the only way for locals to travel to “the main land” and to their places of work or study. In June 1948 the regular service between Vyborg and St. Petersburg, then known as Leningrad, was established.  

As years went by more routes in the area were introduced and passenger shipping also served as a kind of short cruise in summer, especially around the Vyborg Bay and on the Saimaa Canal.

Now we are looking forward to a revival of passenger shipping in the area and increased possibilities for cruise tourism.

Based on the material from Varyazhskaya Gavan.